Partnerships are integral to the mission of the College Access Collaborative as the collaborative strengthens existing ties to communities across the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as building new connections. Partnerships include:

Access College Foundation

Achievable Dream Academy

Beacon of Hope

SEED School of MD

SEED School of DC

Partnership for the Future

PEARLS - Partnership for Excellence, Access, Retention, Leadership and Success

  PEARLS is a multi-faceted approach that includes support and outreach to students, teachers,
and parents at Franklin Military Academy (Richmond, Va, 296 in grades 6-12); The SEED
Schools (Washington, D.C., 320 in grades 6-12 and Baltimore, Md., 308 in grades 6-9); and  two rural community colleges with relatively lowtransfer student rates: New River Community
College and Southwest Virginia Community College. Year one of the project included outreach
to students, teachers and parents, as well as planning for the project’s second and third years.
Through ongoing teacher development, curricular alignment, support for students and parents,
interactive academic programs, campus visits, and SAT/ACT test preparation, the project will (1)
increase the standardized test scores of high school participants; (2) improve the  alignment of
curricula and existing services at all institutions to enhance college readiness, application, and
acceptance; (3) achieve increased enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of diverse and
underrepresented students

VIPCOI - Virginia Indians Pre-college Outreach Initiative

Virginia Tech (VT) is committed to attracting, recruiting and enrolling a highly qualified, talented, and diverse student body. In support of this goal, we are operating the Virginia Indians Pre-College Outreach Initiative (VIP-COI) which is a comprehensive pre-college program that serves members of Virginia Indian Nations.

Virginia Community College System